Marketing For IT Company: Learn 7 Key Elements That You Can’t Do Without

marketing for IT company

Creating a marketing strategy for an IT service company is no different from marketing an IT related product. The approach is almost identical. However, if one will directly apply a marketing plan for a product to a service oriented company, there will be elements that will not be covered. This will be very important if one will develop a digital and web marketing for IT company related products.

Know The Product

In order to have a successful marketing campaign, it is important to know the product. Lack of information is not good, in any application. An IT service company sells processes, and prospective clients do not see it unless everything is thoroughly explained. The product an IT service company is selling is on a piece of paper.

When discussing things to a prospective client, it is strongly suggested to use active verbs. It is the performance of a company that is being explained and marketed. Words such as “locate,” “solicit,” and “deliver” conveys the actions the IT company can perform for the client.

The Right Price

Price point is always a big discussion if the prospect does not see the importance of service being offered by the IT company. An effective marketing for IT company service product is to convey a lot of needs and desire messages. Words such as “reliability” and “monitoring of IT infrastructure” can put a little pressure and gives the IT service company leverage. The prospective client cannot do it by themselves, hence, they need an IT service company to do it for them. This IT company should then use a complete MSP marketing toolkit to be 100% effective.

Top Notch Quality

A strong selling point for an IT service company is the quality of service it can provide. Focus should be given on delivery quality, customer follow-up or as simple as the willingness to resolve the customer’s issue.

Service Providers

As a service oriented company, the success of the company depends on the quality and effectiveness of its employees. One should always aim for customer satisfaction and an excellent customer experience. The marketing campaign must also give emphasis on how professional the employees are.

Service Delivery

The marketing campaign must give emphasis on the delivery process, if they need to call or the IT service company will be able to know if there is something wrong on the client’s system. It must be very clear for them on how they will receive the service that was agreed upon, like online, phone or a site visit.


Never forget to highlight the turnaround time for the service. If the service company has a return call time of 12 hours, focus on it.

Physical Attributes

Since it is a service oriented IT company, marketing should also on something physical with the service provider. Things like “cutting edge technology” for the equipment being used and deployed, “professional appearance” if clients needs to visit the service company’s office.

Every field is composed of many similar players, so try to make something out of the ordinary. The marketing effort should set focus on “being a quality provider,” “reliable service,” or “effective system.”