IT solutions consulting firm Systema Software picked by Baltimore County to handle claims

Since the technology nowadays is extremely fast-paced, companies are not the only ones

procrastinating to get and apply the latest technology in every aspect of their company.

Even the government, local and national, are doing the best they can to keep up with the

changes so they can serve us and put our taxes to where it should be used.

This past week, the local government of Baltimore County has chosen the IT solutions

consulting Baltimore Mtextbox firm Systema Software to handle their general liability insurance and workers’

compensation claims.

Systema Software provides the latest but least complicated system of all. It is very user-

friendly, everyone can use it and they keep on updating it as often as possible; that’s why

they are on the high end of the game and why the said local government chose them.

The CEO of Systema Software, Jose Tribuzo said, “As many public entities like Baltimore

County have seen, SIMS Claims has a demonstrated ability to meet the needs of public

entities, many of which have unique claims-handling requirements. Our staff is committed

to delivering the County with the highest level of service and support, so the County can

achieve its claims-handling objectives successfully. SIMS has a tradition of empowering

public entities through automation, document imaging, and workflow management tools

that help facilitate examiner focus, operational efficiency, and optimal outcomes."

Also, the company’s SIMS Claims, with it’s personalized solution benefit, can not only

personalize every account for every employee, but they can also personalize the whole

account depending on the needs of the company or the government and the laws applied

in that specific place.

As stated, Systema Software will be using their SIMS Claims system for the job. With

numerous benefits like a paperless environment, increased automations, fraud reduction,

personalized solution and SIMS cloud, Baltimore County will surely reap the advantages of

their choice. Not only that, Systema Software is a fast working company, too. Just today,

Systema Software, together with the ICW Group, a group of companies whose expertise

are compensation claims, which the Baltimore County chose as their insurance provider,

have successfully completed the implementation of the SIMS Claims.

“For a project of this size and complexity, we were very pleased at how smoothly

everything went. On the day we went live, wearing my claims-examiner hat, I thought

everything about SIMS felt right and made sense. Our claims examiners arrived that day,

logged into the new system, and honestly, no one missed a beat. The transition was that

simple and straightforward, which speaks to the success of our partnership, this project

and our selection of the right system in SIMS.” says Vice President of workers’

compensation claims in the ICW Group.