The Key Element that Transformed a Computer Repair shop to an IT Giant

Stories of people starting small and ending with huge returns in investment are always a source of inspiration for those who are just starting out. People and small businesses that turned out to be hugely successful all have their shares of key elements that paved the way for them. Who would have thought that a business similar to a Baltimore data recovery firm could be so big in Europe? Learning from these stories and the factors that made their business a success is something you can use as a source of knowledge that may be useful for your career or business.

The story of Contact IT support in Blythe Valley Innovation Centre (BVIC) is not foreign to people who reads inspirational rags to riches stories. BVIC’s picture and history is not an exception in the cliché scheme that puts hard-work and dedication as the central element responsible for its success.

Contact IT Support was nothing more than a computer repair shop that started out in Hagley Road in Birmingham. They were usual entrepreneurs starting out a business with the hopes of making it big. Over time the business has increased its grip in Europe with an estimated worth of over a million pounds. Kaveh Zajani launched an earlier version of their BVIC giant named as Central IT Support. As the name suggests they provide IT solutions to businesses in the district they are located in. Little did they know that they were about to do something more than just repair computers.

The game changer that brought a huge chunk of the money in is a closed deal with Subway. Contact IT support was commissioned on contract to provide managed services on Point of Sale (POS) hardware systems. The contract also selected them as the provider of maintenance services required to keep the infrastructure running. With operations in over 1000 stores, Subway has transformed the then computer repair shop Contact IT Support to a notable figure in the IT industry.

With continued dedication in providing quality services Contact IT Support’s biggest client is deeply satisfied. They were satisfied enough to extend their contract with Contact IT Support. They are now set to handle installation and maintenance operations of all Subway stores all over Europe.

A crucial move in the success of their business came from a simple change of address. According to Zanjani the decision to move from Hagley Road to their new hub in the Blythe Valley Innovation Center, was simply made to make their business more relevant and accessible to the hospitality and retail sector. The huge deals came in with the change in office location, and Zanjani considered the move to be critical in their success.

Even the manager at the University of Warwick BVIC considers the movement of location as the precursor to Contact IT supports success. Mark Homer, also cited other tenants in the BVIC who started small but has grown themselves to huge profit generating businesses. This story proves no different from the usual success stories published daily. Zanjani lives to tell the story of how certain decisions under favorable circumstances transformed their business to the state it is now.